American artist, Lawn Walker, has written her first book, “Silver and the Shadow King.” Read the gripping tale of a rabbit name, Silver, and how he and his friends try to defeat the Shadow King and all his minions, the shadow beings, that manipulate the critters of the land through their dreams and thoughts.  The words are married with beautiful artwork. You will find a preview available below in the Downloads section.



For a preview of the book, download the first two chapters.


Yes, there are monsters that go bump in the night. Yes, your nightmares might actually be real. And yes, that shadow you thought you just saw from the corner of your eye, really did move. What was unthinkable had become a reality, and now the fight begins.

My name is Silver, and I’m a rabbit, a brown rabbit. I know my name does not match my appearance, but it is my name nonetheless. My family and I live on a small farm, but that is only where this story begins. Join me and my friend, Theo, in this scary, but exciting journey where we learn about the shadow beings and how to explore the dream world. And, eventually, go up against the biggest shadow being of all, the Shadow King.